The most important phase.

Assembly and startup 

Now your project enters the key final round. By now at the latest, you will see the benefits of a solid planning and engineering phase.

With Kühne+Vogel GmbH as a partner, you can look forward to the start of production for your machine without any stress.

Building on the foundation of our completed engineering, we will follow your timeline exactly, and we keep control of the entire project sequence up until the end. 

Whether we are completing the renovation of a paper machine in Germany or a turnkey project for manufacturing cable in Australia:

Our experienced specialized fitters and startup engineers, in addition to their technical knowledge about drive and automation technology, have a technological understanding of the industry, which means that they speak the same language as the customer and the other maintenance groups at the construction sites.  

Our references speak for themselves. 

Scope of service for electrical installation: 

  • Track planning and construction
  • Positioning and setting up the switchgears
  • Delivering, laying and connecting all low-voltage cables, motor cables, bus cables and measurement and control signal cables
  • Cable check
  • Supervising

Scope of service for startup:

  • I/O check
  • Functional startup of motor and power circuits
  • Functional startup of software, electrical measurement and control systems 
  • Performing legally required statutory electrical tests
  • Safety validation
  • Startup with product
  • Acceptance and performance tests
  • Babysitting
  • Training for manufacturing employees and maintenance

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