Industry Automation

In the world of industry automation, one control system sets the global standard for industrial controls: SIMATIC from Siemens. 

That is why Kühne + Vogel GmbH, as a certified SIMATIC Solution Partner, relies on SIMATIC solutions for automation projects right from the beginning. 

Extensive projects often require high-capacity automation devices simply because of their quantity structure. As a result, we generally rely on medium and high-capacity controllers from the S7-400 family. According to the respective requirements, the CPUs are supplemented by communication processors (CP 443-1, CP 443-5), functional modules (FM 453, FM 455, FM 458) or signal pre-processing modules (IP 242, IP 244). 

Naturally, we use more cost-effective controllers from the S7-300 family for less extensive tasks and for decentralized modular solutions. 

We prefer to plan technologically challenging applications with STEP 7 CFC. When technological libraries are used consistently, along with a consistent project planning tool, this is the best way to take advantage of the benefits of TIA (totally integrated). The control technology and drive technology are integrated into the project and can be operated and adjusted via a shared interface.

SIMATIC modules used:

  • SIMATIC STEP7 V11 (TIA Portal)

Kühne+Vogel GmbH’s technology platforms EXTRUMATIC®IT for the cable industry and WebDrive+/Paper for the paper and pulp industry also rely on the SIMATIC standard.

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