Drive technologies and industry automation.

Manufacturing processes with continuous material webs pose special challenges for drive and automation technology. 

In addition to the drive-specific parameters of engine speed, torque and web tension, there are many other process parameters that determine quality, such as temperature, pressure, material thickness, surface characteristics, etc., and that need to be regulated and monitored. 

Our fundamental knowledge of the physical relationships and the consistent use of modern digital drive systems, bus technologies and control technologies provide synergy effects that guarantee the long-term success of Kühne+Vogel Prozessautomatisierung Antriebstechnik GmbH. For new construction projects and upgrades of manufacturing plants, we deliver the following turnkey products from a single source:

  • Hardware and software project planning
  • Switchgear Cabinets
  • Motors 
  • Assembly
  • Startup
  • Servicing