Paper manufacturing – the “white arts.”

Today’s paper manufacturing process has very little in common with the manual production of paper from “rags and tatters” during previous centuries, once known as the “white arts.”

Modern high-performance machines with a wire width of up to twelve meters, working at speeds of 2000 m/min, can produce several hundred thousand tons of paper per year. 

The multi-motor drive – the heart of the paper machine.

The multi-motor drive system and the corresponding control and automation equipment play an essential role in these machines. With good reason, many paper technology experts refer to the multi-motor drive in a paper or cardboard machine as the “heart” of the machine.

With WebDrive®/Paper, Kühne + Vogel GmbH offers paper and cardboard manufacturers a uniform, consistent portfolio of services in the sector of Automation and Drive Technologies, consisting of:

  • Control system
  • Drive control
  • Switchgear Cabinets
  • Motors
  • Transmissions

WebDrive®/Paper is supplemented by the WebDrive®/Winder for roll-cutting and equipping machines. In particular, they achieve the best possible system availability and maximum energy efficiency by using DirectDrive technologies.

The following matrix shows the scope of deliveries and services for WebDrive®/Paper:

WebDrive®/Paper, DirectDrive, PM4 Varel

WebDrive®/Paper und WebDrive®/Winder

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