Foils. Razor-thin.

In metal as well as plastic foil manufacturing, products with material thicknesses of just a few µm must be produced and processed. As in the paper industry, it is important to maintain absolutely consistent web tension for the full range of speed. In addition, highly precise angle rules are needed, for instance when applying register-accurate safety labels on the material web. 

In this sector, we are able to derive extensive synergy effects for the paper and cable industry, which benefits our customers. 

With WebDrive®/Foil, Kühne + Vogel GmbH offers a uniform, consistent portfolio of services in the sector of Automation and Drive Technologies for equipping a wide range of machines in the foil industry, such as foil stretching systems, blown foil systems, foil painting machines, foil coating machines, foil roller mills and much more.

WebDrive®/Foil delivers the entire technology package for your foil manufacturing, consisting of:

  • Control system
  • Machine controller
  • Drive control
  • Switchgear Cabinets
  • Motors
  • Transmissions